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What is Adult Day Services?

Adult Day Services is a resource for the elderly and adults with physical or cognitive impairments that offers an intermediate step between living independently and moving into an assisted living or nursing home facility. A highly cost-effective long term care alternative, adult day service providers like Golden Gardens provide therapeutic activities in a safe, structured and homelike environment, meals, and medication reminders.

Is Adult Day Services a viable option for my loved one?

Adult Day Services is designed for elderly adults and individuals over 18 years of age with chronic physical or mental impairments who cannot be left at home alone during the day. Those who benefit from services offered by centers like Golden Gardens include individuals in early to moderate stages of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease; adults with developmental disabilities; victims of strokes, heart attacks or accidents; those who are homebound and in need of social stimulation; and people who require assistance with daily activities such as eating.

How do I know I can trust Golden Gardens?

Golden Gardens is staffed by attentive and caring professionals, offers comprehensive supervision and social programs in a comfortable, Club-like environment. Each client at Golden Gardens receives an individual care assessment performed by our admissions team who then develops a customized program of cognitive and physical activities designed to maintain or improve his/her present level of independence and functioning.

What types of activities are available for my loved one at the Golden Gardens Center?

Providing mental, emotional and physical stimulation, and sustaining the health and happiness of our members, is our key priority. Golden Gardens offers a wide variety of therapeutic activities designed to keep our clients active and engaged throughout the day. We also offer enrichment activities such as painting, ceramics, wood crafts and cooking which improve hand-eye coordination, provide outlets for creative expression and build self-esteem. Games and monthly outings to the theater, restaurants, museums, and parks provide opportunities for group and one-on-one social interaction, both critical links in preventing mental deterioration. Cognitive stimulating activities, such as word puzzles, reminiscing exercises, and classes on subjects like art, history and music enhance mental acuity and memory function.

Are Meals provided during the day?

Golden Gardens provides our clients with appetizing and wholesome breakfasts, home cooked style lunches and snacks, including special provisions for diabetics, vegetarians and those on sodium-restricted or low-cholesterol diets. This ensures that members receive proper nutrition each day in the absence of their caregivers, which in turn leads to improved overall well-being.

What if my loved one needs rehabilitation services?

Golden Gardens works closely with a team of health care professionals, including a Registered Nurse, Physical, Speech and Occupational therapists. The team offer’s rehabilitation services designed to help clients regain their ability to participate in the activities of daily living by improving strength, range of motion, balance and cognitive abilities. These services can be covered under Medicare (for those who qualify), and can be provided in the center while the client attends.

What are the hours of operation?

Golden Gardens is open during normal business hours, five days a week. Our members attend on a regular basis for half days (4-5 hours) or full days (6-10 hours), for as few as one day a week or up to five days a week. Golden Gardens takes pride in working with each family/caregiver to accommodate all our member’s schedules.

What is the cost of Adult Day Services?

Adult Day Services offers the most cost-effective option for long-term care. While costs differ based on each client’s need, nationwide averages show that the annual costs for adult day services are roughly half of the costs of assisted living facilities and less than one quarter of the costs of nursing home care. In many cases, these costs may be paid in part or in full by Medicaid, Veterans Administration or private long-term care insurance.

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